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Some Somali Professors and BBC Somali Service Anchors Are Natural Fools, Envy-sick, And Hate-filled villains

Close scrutiny of the behaviour, utterances, and actions of some Somali professors and the type of news, current affairs, commentaries, and interviews broadcasted by the BBC Somali Service anchors clearly indicates that these individuals are, apart from being unprofessional, unethical; and immoral, and that they are undoubtedly natural fools, envy-sick, and hate-filled villains that need to be stopped on their destructive tracks before they cause more mischief or damage the wellbeing, psychic, and security of all Somalis.

In addition, their support and advocacy for the backward forces of destruction, mayhem, and bloodshed and their opposition to the progressive forces of peace, democracy, and development must be exposed and ended immediately. Examples of the stated professors and media anchors are: Prof. Ahmed I. Samatar, Prof. Abdi I. Samatar, Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh, and Yusuf Garaad Omar—current Head/Anchor of BBC World Service Somali Service, to mention a few. These professors/teachers who all live in the State of Minnesota, USA have a close contact or are closely knit and are known to masquerade as THINK TANKS and disguise themselves as what is widely known in Somali language as “AQOONYAHAN (Intellectuals/Think Tank), which they are not.

Unfortunately, most Somalis are misled to believe that the possession of certain credentials such as undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees is an “Aqoonyahan” (Intellectual/Think Tank). The fact remains that the possession of credentials such as B.A, M.A, PhD, etc. and prestigious employment status does not render one to be considered an “Aqoonyahan”. Therefore, it is time that the Somalis to ponder with this issue and come up with a concrete idea as to who is the masquerader “aqoonyahan” and who is the real “aqoonyahan.” Perhaps the following discussion will enable us to understand the issue much easier.

Prof. Abdi Ismail Samatar:

This so-called “aqoonyahan” claims to have a long list of specialties under his belt such as in the areas of: Africa and Southern Africa, Agrarian Change and Rural Development, Third World, etc. (for complete profile see this pro-Faqash website:, , Note: the map they have happily depicted on their home page and the similarities of its content with that of: website)!

Nevertheless, the fact remains that this masquerader is simply a geography teacher who knows nothing about Africa, given his absurd and biased views on the political, economic, and social events taking place particularly in Somaliland, his own motherland. If he cannot call a spade a spade and interpret correctly historical facts, the reality on the ground, and the prevailing Somaliland-Somalia predicament what specialty or expertise does he have in Africa? So on what grounds does he oppose the cause and aspirations of an entire people and the existence of Somaliland, his own motherland? And why does he support the war criminals and the enemies of humanity who continue to perpetuate the sufferings, bloodshed, rapes, tortures, massacres, and genocide of the innocent people of Somalia particularly women, children, elderly, and the an unarmed minority groups as well as the hundreds of thousands of the dehumanized Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP)? Is he not culpable of the ongoing crime and genocide in Somalia?

It is not known why this simple teacher doesn’t mind his own business or why he does not want to spare the people of Somaliland his usually irrational, baseless, hollow, and repetitive arguments. But, one thing is for sure, that is, he will be tried for Treason upon his arrival in Somaliland, and as soon as Somalia stands on its feet, a UN War Crimes Tribunal for Somalia will be appointed and his brother and him and their ilk will be among the suspects to arraign before this court, God willing. There is no doubt that they will pay a dear price in supporting and advocating for or acting as a tool or as agents of remnants of deposed fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Siad Barre, criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords, tribal factions and militias, and tribal demagogues who had been shedding the blood of the innocent people in Somalia and Somaliland from 1978-present

Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar:

Likewise, this so-called "aqoonyahan” who is the brother of the former professor who together are best known as the "Mischievous Samatar Brothers” is an opportunist who have somewhat managed to be promoted to the position of a Dean and who equally claims a wide range of specialties and expertise in the areas of: Global Political Economy, Political and Social Theory, and African Development, etc. and author of various publications including “Northern Somalia: The Women’s Mosque in Gabiley”! Is widely known to be utterly wrong each time he opens his mouth or writes something. Despite attending most of the 14 so-called Somalia Reconciliation Process for the last 15 years, where he clearly towed the line of the criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords, tribal factions and militias, remnants of the fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Siad Bare who were usually gathered in those conferences; he is completely out of step with those who are gathered there each time and oblivious of the magnitude of the catastrophe that has been unfolding in the collapsed and anarchic state of Somalia since 1991. In addition, he is grossly out of touch with the state of affairs of Somaliland, his own motherland. And he is known to be fond of badmouthing the cause, peace, progress, and democracy of the intrepid people and the Republic of Somaliland.

So what specialization or expertise can he claim to have in the areas of “African Development”, if he cannot see the authentic DEVELOPMENT OF SOMALILAND as an AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT? Is the successful and rapid transformation of Somaliland from a ruinous, insecure, chaotic, and unstable state to a bastion of peace, progress, development, stability, and the beacon of democracy in the Horn of Africa region, which some real intellectuals have referred it to, “The Best Kept Secret of Africa”, “The Little Country That Could”, etc. not a great AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT that is worthy to be publicity and that we all ought to be proud of?

In other words, is the liberation of the innocent people and country from the fascist and tyrannical military regime, which totally ruined the land particularly reducing the major cities and the infrastructures to ruble or the restoration of peace and order from the grassroots level or the launching of the National Reconciliation Conference in Burco in 1991, the National Reconciliation Conference in Borame in 1993, the National Reconciliation Conference in Hargeisa in 1997, etc. or the provision of a general amnesty to the supporters of the defeated and deposed regime or the restoration of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland in which all the ethnic groups in Somaliland were represented/participated and signed the peace accord including his own ethnic group or the demobilization of the powerful Somali National Movement (SNM)—the very guerilla movement, which liberated Somaliland, a move that never happened in Africa or the returning of power to civilian rule in an amicable manner or the return and reintegration of hundreds of thousands of Somaliland refugees from the neighbouring Ethiopia and Djibouti or the ability for Somaliland to enter into bilateral relations with other nations or the peaceful succession of three administrations to power including the present administration, which is led by his own cousin or the free and fair referendum to affirm the Constitution and restoration of the Sovereignty of Somaliland in which 97% voted YES or in favour or the holding of successive free and fair local government; presidential, and parliamentary elections or the erection of an entirely de facto state with a fully functioning government from the scratch without any foreign help or advise, technical support, and funds not an authentic indigenous AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT that we ought to be proud of and publicize?

How wrong could he then, be out of step with or so wrong, all the time, about this indomitable fact on Somaliland, that is, out there and clearly visible to everyone in the Horn of Africa region, African continent, and by the rest of the international community, which even the staunchest enemies of our people and state are beginning to openly admit? Is the marking and celebration of the 15th anniversary of independence and restoration of sovereignty of Somaliland in 18 May 1991 all over the globe including in Mogadishu, Somalia ring a bell in ears of this poor, desperate, and lost soul? What “aqoon” or intellect can he claim to possess if he cannot tell good from evil, peace from war, right from wrong, justice from injustice, inhumanity from humanity, domination from freedom or liberty, colonization from independence, dictatorship from democracy, development from undeveloped, city from jungle, etc?

Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh:

As for this another poor soul, I know him in person as we were both employees of Juba Sugar Project (JSP), a crown corporation, that is, before he was tribally promoted to become the Minister of Industries of the fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Siad Bare of Somalia. During the period, he was the Chief Executive Officer of JSP, four other teenagers and I (Three males and two females) all of whom Isaaqs were employed by JSP in early 1980 as administrative clerks. Our net salaries were then, Shs. 900/-, and were immediately admitted to the Somali Institute of Development and Management (SIDAM) formerly known as Somali Institute of Public Administration (SIPA) in Mogadishu for further administrative studies and training at the company’s expense. After completion of the training, we were all flown to the project site at Marerey near Jilib city, where I was later promoted as Administrative Supervisor at the Department of Agriculture.

However, my first encounter with this individual begun when my friends and I planned to launch a grand party and invited the most influential Casanovas and their girlfriends of the Hawlwadaag neighbourhood. Even though we had already depleted our savings, we went ahead with our plans since it was midmonth and as employees we were entitled for a portion of our salaries or an advance payment to be deducted from our salaries at the end of the month. Therefore, we went to our Head Office, which was located at the Jirde Hussein House in Xamarweyne and next to the so-called National Security Court (“Maxkamadda Badbaadada Qaranka”), and immediately filled the advance payment forms for some Shs. 200/- each. But after completion of the forms, we declined to hand them to the Englishman in charge of the company trainees who was a good man whom I do not remember his name now or to Mr. Mohamud Adan Dheri who was then, in charge of the administration section of the Head Office.

Instead, we went straight to Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh and handed him the advance payment forms for approval. At the time, our intentions were not only to garner his approval of the advance payments but to find ways to first, acquaint ourselves with the Chief Executive Chairman, the highest Somali ranking official of JSP, and second, after proper familiarization to then, directly request him to find ways in which he and the company could assist us and send us abroad for further studies and training. And after saying high to him in a respectful manner and even shaking his hands one by one, we handed him the advance payment forms for approval. He looked at it scornfully and abruptly declared that: There is no money, tore the forms to pieces, and threw them in the dustbin! We then, tried to keep our cool and begun to plead with him and calmly tried to explain to him that according to the company policy and the country’s labour laws that we are entitled for this advance payment but, his answer was a rude and loud: GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!

Surprised and angry, we quickly went out of his office as demanded, filled another advance payment forms and, this time, and handed them to the Englishman in charge of the trainees who approved them without a single question asked!! We then, took the forms to the cashier who handed us the money and copies of the advance payment forms. Since the problem was now over and we had nothing to worry about in regards to our planned party we, once again, went to Prof. Ali Khalif’s Office, showed him the money and the copies of the forms and told him that his junior Englishman is more reasonable than him. He then, stood up angrily and loudly called his secretary who quickly came running to his office, and told her in plain language: Take the full names of these boys and girls and forward it to the Security Court (“Maxkamadda Badbaadada”), now in which we quickly shot back at him and asked sarcastically: What crimes are you going to accuse us of? “Kacaandiid”? (Anti-revolution?) or “Qurmis”? (Anti-government guerillas”?) or “Basaas”? (Spies?), and banged hard the door behind us. And off we went to launch our hard won party.

My second encounter with him was when he visited the JSP project site. We then, confronted him in front of the General Manager, the Agricultural Manager, the Factory Manager, and the Personnel Manager who were all British expatriates. He immediately recognized us and said: “Ma nimankii ila dagaalamay baa”? (Are you the guys who fought me?) And we replied back: “Ma ninkii Maxkamadda Badbaada noo gudbin rabay baa?” (Are you the man who wanted to forward us to the Security Court?), and went about our business. So that is the mentality of Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh, the irrational tribalist who is widely suspected of embezzling large sums of money from Juba Sugar Project. In addition, he had been accused of swindling millions of dollars, during the period, he was the so-called Prime Minister of the Transitional National Government (TNG) of Somalia, a paper government, which was concocted in Djibouti in 2000 but, soon afterwards collapsed under the weight of its own falsehoods

On the other hand, this individual is a small timer and a failed “politician” who have fallen from grace when Dictator Siad Bare was deposed but was wrongfully resuscitated during the Arta Conference, Djibouti in 2000. He has no reputation among the large Somali community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he resides and works. I say this because I have been there and seen it all. In addition, he had long been sidelined by Mr. Omar Jamaal, a young Somali activist and Head of the Somali Advocacy Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota whom I consider as a friend. Moreover, he has no reputation among the large Somali community in Minneapolis or political standing and clout in both Somaliland and Somalia even among his own Harti sub-clan particularly among the Majeerteen, let alone the Darood Clan or the Hawiye Clan or the Isaaq clan or the Dir clan, or the Digil and Mirifle clan or the Barwaani clan or the Jareerweyn clan, etc. Therefore, each time he opens his venomous mouth; he emits a yellow tribal poison of hate. And what he stands for and advocates is actually not Pan-Somali Union but Pan-Isaaq Hate.

Nonetheless, the people and state of Somalilanders are exposed to a hollow barrage of pervasive expressions from these traitorous so-called professors such as the mischievous Samatar brothers, Ali Khalif Galaydh, and their cohorts whose foul burbling and unpleasant clicking sound of their tongues and lips permeates the environment and reverberates on the BBC and other media outlets, from time to time. These good for-nothing professors either ignore or are ignorant of the reality on the ground in Somaliland, and perhaps have a narrow view of what a peoples aspirations and the struggle for freedom, justice, liberty, democracy, human rights, and development is. Do they understand the right and the need for the people and state of Somaliland to terminate the ill advised, illegal, unworkable, and disastrous union with the anarchic Somalia? For God’s sake, why don’t they spare us their widely despised and recycled arguments that are manifestly perverse?

BBC anchor, Yusuf Garaad Omar:

During the brief period (three months in late 1979), I worked for Radio Mogadishu as a broadcaster at the Swahili Service with Mr. Bakari, a Bajuni broadcaster and the Head of the Swahili Service Section, and with Mr. Bashe, a seasoned broadcaster; I have not known Mr. Yusuf Garaad even though I can still remember other mainstream Somali Service broadcasters such as Cagmadhige, Cawke, and others. Note: I quit this job because of heavy censorship and the presence of known and unknown NSS seconded to Foreign Languages Department and other departments (Somali Service, English Service, Italian Service, Arabic Service, etc.).

Although I do not dispute that Mr. Yusuf Garaad has worked for Radio Mogadishu, I do not know him in person. However, what most Somalis and I do know is that since he joined the BBC Somali Service in 1992, the viability, reputation, neutrality, objectivity, and the significance of the institution as well as the spirit, enthusiasm, and self-esteem of the senior and seasoned reporters and broadcasters had been impacted negatively and the station had been on a downward spiral for the last 14 years

The problem that has plagued the BBC Somali Service is that Mr. Yusuf Garaad has turned the once highly reputable station as his personal or tribal property and has in a nepotistic manner a) Purged the senior, highly qualified, and seasoned reporters and broadcasters, and have replaced them with many mediocre and unqualified staff most of whom are from his own Hawiye ethnic group or Habargidir sub-clan b) Is known to sympathise or identifies with certain territories, tribal factions, and militia c) Has covertly and overtly turned the BBC Somali Service as the pulpit or mouthpiece of certain criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords such as Warlord Abdiqasim Salaad, Warlord Hussein Aydeed, Warlord Indhocade, and some religious extremist such as Colonel Sheikh Aweys, the leader of the notorious Al-Itihaad terrorist group, and others all of whom are from the collapsed and anarchic state of Somalia d) Is openly hostile to the cause, aspirations, peace and security, progress, democracy, territorial integrity, stability, and the existence of the intrepid people and Republic of Somaliland, e) Openly supports and propagates the status quo specifically the ill-adviced, voluntary, illegal and illegitimate, and ungratified Union between Somaliland and Somalia in 1960 f) Discriminates against the elected leaders of Somaliland and provides more air time and interviews to tribally appointed or unelected criminals in Somalia, and g) Is known to hype the significance of certain events and actions of certain individuals in areas controlled by factions and militias from his own clan or sub-clan or tribe in Somalia, while largely not reporting the events taking place or reporting them in a biased manner or generally trivializing the important newsworthy news, events, and the overall development of Somaliland.

Furthermore, the BBC Somali Service is known to discriminate in its coverage the other Somali peoples and territories such as the Republic of Somaliland, Djibouti, the Somali State of Federal Ethiopia, and the North Eastern Province of Kenya as well as the millions of Somalis in the Diasporas and, most importantly, those Somalis languishing in the refugee camps particularly those in Kenya and Yemen. And when it happens to cover the historical and current events in these territories, it does so in a biased, shallow, insignificant, and inciting manner. It also reports and exaggerates the minor negativity of these areas and covers-up the positive side in order to depict or portray or present a bad picture and views of those Somali peoples and territories.

Conclusion: It is evident that, from time to time, the pride, intelligence, cause, and aspirations of the intrepid people of the peaceful, progressive, and democratic Republic of Somaliland are intentionally bad-mouthed over the BBC Somali Service by a mishmash of criminals, tribal demagogues, and social misfits such as prof. Abdi Ismail Samatar, prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar, prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh, Mr. Yusuf Garaad Omar, and their ilk. What these traitorous professors think is that they can hoodwink a highly conscious and visionary people with a legitimate cause and purpose in life. But what they do not know is that they have brains but, they are hare-brained; they have eyes but, they are blind; and they have ears but, they are deaf. In other words, they are dumb, blind, and deaf. Therefore, no mater how close they collaborate, coordinate, and attempt to twists or misrepresent or misconstrue the historical facts or obfuscate the current affairs or cover-up the reality on the ground in Somaliland, they will not be able to put a dent on the legitimate and indomitable cause of our Motherland. Their hateful efforts will go down the drain, and their publications will go in the dustbin of history. Ironically, although the people and Republic of Somaliland (former subjects and the Protectorate of British Somaliland) were the pioneers of the BBC Somali Service, it is not known, other than sheer hate, why this station is unfair to them or is turned against them or is hostile to their cause, aspirations, interests, and existence. However, it is not a secret that Mr. Yusuf Garaad has turned the BBC Somali Service into an apologist and a propaganda tool for some of the most odious and barbaric war criminals who spread hate and wrecked havoc in the lives of millions of innocent Somalis and who continue, even as we speak, to massacre and wage genocidal wars in Somalia. In addition, it has become the disseminator of misinformation, broadcaster of mediocre programs and shallow commentaries, and conductor of biased and meaningless interviews.

Whatever the case, in this day and age or era of information age, the present state of affairs of the BBC Somali Service is obsolete and its continued existence in the present state is absolutely a waste of the tax payers’ money. This once reputable institution and station, which millions of Somalis relied upon and enjoyed a wide range of loyal listeners in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Middle East, and in the Diasporas has been losing ground since Mr. Yusuf Garaad was appointed its head. There is no doubt that it is now on a serious downward spiral and is nearing its final deathbed.

Overall, I hope you now get the picture of what we had been discussing here all along, and the type of individuals we had been dealing with here who are, nothing but, some natural fools, envy-sick, and hate-filled villains. So what should we do about these heedless supporters and advocates of the avowed enemies of humanity in Somalia as well as the enemies of the intrepid people, cause, aspiration, interests, and the existence of the democratic Somaliland? What I vision is the desperate scrambled of the Somali professors and BBC Somali Service anchors in trying to defend themselves and spending their little cash by hiring lawyers and their imminent bankruptcy, and the end of their envy, hate, and intransigence!


1. The people, civil society organizations, and the citizenry of Somaliland in the Diasporas should forward a formal petition to the appropriate organizations and employers of these Somali professors, BBC Somali Service anchors, and their ilk.

2. The government of the Republic of Somaliland should submit thoroughly researched and detailed formal complaints to the appropriate organizations and employers of these Somali professors, BBC Somali Service anchors, and their ilk.

3. The victims of the robberies, tortures, rapes, massacres, and genocide in Somalia should immediately file a Class Law Suit against these Somali professors, BBC Somali Service anchors, and their ilk for their covert and overt support, advocacy, collaboration, and propagation of the perpetuation of these ongoing horrendous war crimes and crimes against humanity in Somalia.

4. The people of Somaliland and Somalia should begin to collect evidence such as photographs, audios tapes, discs, videos, interview, articles, books, and other publications of these professors, BBC Somali Service anchors, and their ilk as exhibits to be presented before the future UN War Crimes Tribunal for Somalia.

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.

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