Monday, June 05, 2006

Radical Islamists Take Control of Somali Capital

Radical Islamists Take Control of Somali Capital

By Anadolu News Agency

Radical Islamists in Somali declared they have taken control of the capital Mogadishu.
Chair of the city's Joint Islamic Courts Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said his troops claimed victory over the secular warlords.

In a statement read over local radio stations, Sheikh Ahmed said, “We want to implement peace and security again. We are ready to talk to every group and person to be to the benefit of the people.”

Meanwhile, the defeated warlords are reported to have escaped from Mogadishu.
The increasing power of the radical Islamists increase concerns that the country may turn into a hotbed along the lines of Afghanistan during the Taliban rule.

The radical Islamists taking control of the capital accused the other factions of cooperating with the CIA, whereas the warlord alliance accuses its rivals for having links with Al-Qaeda.
The opposition against Muhammad Siyad Barre who seized control in Somali at the late 60’s increased towards the end of the 1990’s and spread across the country. Barre, finally admitting defea,t left his country at the beginning of 1991. Infighting began between opposing groups unable to reach an agreement on ruling the country following Barre’s exile.

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