Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Somaliland sovereignty under attack by Siadist remnants on TFG payroll

Somaliland sovereignty under attack by Siadist remnants on TFG payroll

With Somaliland recognition gaining momentum in recent weeks, Somali websites has seen a flood of articles by panic-struck Siadist remnants on TFG payroll.
Dr Pham, Dr Jean Daudelin and ICG reports have been hatefully slandered in different articles where character assassination replaced honest and clever discussion. Feeling the heat and running out of time before Somaliland upcoming recognition, the burgeoning number notes presented by the Siadist writers, representing a myriad of grievance and personal attacks have prevented them from pursuing a cohesive and integrated set of argumentation underlying where if for example the authors of the ICG report erred.

The usual Anti Somaliland writers Abdalla Hirad, Mohsin Mahad and Ali Bahar either call themselves alternatively Northern Somali for Peace and Unity or Northern Somali Unionist or use pen names agglomerated in the so called Tima Cadde International Center. The tired rhetoric of the trio and their admiration for the tribal dictatorship of Siad Barre is familiar to Somalilanders. For example, Abdalli Hirad is the senior editor of, the only Somali website to my knowledge that glorify day in and day out Siad Barre regime. His recent article, “Somaliland mythology indicted” is posted and signed Radiossc News Desk. Only can proudly publish outrageous faqash slogans such as “Towradii Barakysan”, historical analysis glorifying Siad Barre “achievements” and vitriolic and hate laden editorial namely attacking some Somaliland clans. I should say Hirad non compartmentalized adulation for Siad Barre is easily understandable since the former dictator has rewarded him, on a tribal base, with a plum job even if the fellow did not finished high school.

In their short-lived and ineffectual propaganda war, the trio Hirad-Mahad-Bahar have made a mockery from history creating a series of unfathomable mythologies. According to them, no state recognized Somaliland (UN Security Council archives prove otherwise) and point Somaliland declaration of independence was reached at gun point in Burao. The truth could not be farther from that since any participant could confirm that the reason why Somaliland elders decided to reach back to the principles of their past sovereignty was an attempt to bring about new agreements between themselves. Burao conference has therefore seen the emergence of a collective orientation thought which all members make decisions and resolve conflicts. What is unacceptable for Siadist writers is the fact that these orientations have become embedded in Somaliland political culture and led to new moral and ethical values where conflict is seen as dysfunctional and distracting from the effective and efficient self development. The most striking consequence is that Somaliland is increasingly becoming a class based society and regionalism is no longer important as a basis of identifying oneself. This fact is of course unacceptable for Siadist remnants always quick on pulling out the tribe card. While claiming to be Somali unionist, Hirad and Mahad resort to expressions like “Darood Kingmen”, “Gadabgursi aspirations...” On this stance, seeking political goals on ethnic grounds, the trio remain faithful to their master Siad Barre.

Faysal Diriye

Ottawa, Canada

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