Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who Is Afraid Of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo?

In reference to the recent article titled, “Who Can Replace Silanyo as the Presidential Ticket for KULMIYE party?” by Mr. Mohamud Tani, which was dated on November 11, 2006 is absolutely laughable, boring, devoid of substance, and meaningless.
(see article at: www.somaliland.org/opinions.asp?ID=06111104),

As a result, rather than responding to the above stated article and its silly question, the real question that needs to be explored here is: Who is Afraid of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo?

Hon. Muj. Ahmed Silanyo—an enlightened, intellectual, and charismatic modern Somali politician; the former powerful Minister of Planning of the now defunct state of Somalia, the leader of the Somalia delegation to the World Bank and IMF Conference in Nairobi in the early 80s, the leader of the Somalia delegation to Djibouti before independence, the longest serving Chairman of the Somali National Movement (SNM) during the long and bitter liberation struggle of Somaliland, the former resourceful Minister of Planning during the early years of the now liberated and independent state of Somaliland, the founder of the dynamic and progressive KULMIYE party, the former Presidential Candidate in 2003 who actually defeated the incumbent president in four of the six densely populated provinces of the country but, was unfairly deemed by the National Election Commission to have lost the election by only “80 votes” and with the intervention of the Supreme Court of Somaliland was again unfairly declared to have lost the election to the incumbent by some “216 votes” without providing any further explanation as required to-date; the current Chairman of the widely supported populist KULMIYE party as well as the Leader of the Official Opposition of Somaliland, and the future Presidential Candidate in the upcoming presidential election in 2008—is widely deemed to be the only remaining well rounded, seasoned, and heavy weight politician of an international calibre and a Somali Statesman in all the five Somali Speaking Territories in East Africa and the Horn of Africa regions and in the Diasporas. So who is afraid of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo?

The answer to this legitimate and important question is obvious and simple, and it is as follows:

Those who have illegally erected the current undemocratic, unconstitutional, unjust, and un-Somalilander system within the supposedly the Democratic Republic of Somaliland who continue to flout and trample on the Constitution and the Laws of the land who are oblivious of the effects of their treachery, evil deeds, and egregious crimes whose days are numbered and their unholy system is about to collapse over them like a house of cards but, brazenly continue to loot the national treasury and callously plunder the meagre natural resources of this unrecognized and impoverished country and who all happen to live in fragile glass houses and who foolishly continue to provoke, incite, and throw stones at the innocent and patient masses or the citizenry whom they have wrecked their lives and continue to deny them their Rights and strangling them from benefiting from the fruits of their motherland whom they have liberated it with their very meagre wealth, sweat, tears, and blood and who are undoubtedly serving some foreign interests as well as the enemies of the cause and existence of Somaliland in general, are the ones who are afraid of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo and his ascendancy to power in Somaliland.

To put more crudely, those who are afraid of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo includes the followings:

The domestic and foreign enemies of the cause and existence of Somaliland.
Mr. Ismail Omar Ghele, the visionless despotic Dictator of Djibouti who unabatedly continue to oppose and trash the cause and existence of Somaliland at every international venue or gathering.
The criminal “Beast-man” Warlord Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed turned-president-elect of the defunct and so-called Transitional Government of Somalia (TFG).
Mr. “Sheikh” Hassan Dahir Aweys, the former leader of Al-Itihad Islamia terrorist group and the current leader of the so-called Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) of the defunct Somalia.
Mr. Dahir Riyaale Kahin—the high school level, dreaded NSS spy agent, unqualified, inexperienced, and small timer President with a dark past; his ignorant and confused Vice President, and his mediocre Cabinet Ministers such as the Minister of Information, Minister of Parliamentary Coordination, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc.
The UDUB party and its few die-hard supporters.

The current Guurti House members who brought unto to the country the current unnecessary Constitutional Crisis most of whom were illegally transformed to become UDUB party members.
The few known treacherous, corrupt, and uninformed Traditional Leaders and Elders who are either under the payroll of this corrupt and inept administration or are under the payroll of the tribal entity of Puntland or the TFG or the UIC and who merely oppose the cause and existence of Somaliland on tribal basis.

The former Hangash, the Dhabarjebinta Isaaq, NSS agents, and Faqash in general.

The saboteurs, terrorists, and Somaliweyn supporters.
Those who harbour hate, envy, selfishness, tribalism, and the divisive regionalism politics.
The tribal and partisan Somaliland webmasters and newspaper editors who are known to suppress the genuine voices or articles or news in the defence of the people, cause, and existence of Somaliland. You can not hide, we know who you are!

The unnationalistic, unpatriotic, undemocratic, backward leaning, and the corrupt as well as the uninformed, gullible, ignorant, detractors, and the cheap propagandists such as Mr. Mohamud Tani and his likes.

Overall, Hon. Ahmed Silanyo is a highly influential, educated, qualified, experienced, pragmatic, charismatic, and modern Somali politician and statesman whose interesting mannerism, disposition, speeches, debating skills, and responses to criticism are well calculated and measured and on the mark, at all times, unlike the ill mannered, mediocre, wanna-be-politicians, and reckless UDUB so-called leaders who whenever they are constructively criticized or challenged are known to, time and again, haul on the top of their voices like the hauler monkeys of the Amazon forest and sometimes bark like the wild dogs of Serengeti National Park of Tanzania and sometimes rattle like the rattle snakes of Zeilac semi-arid land and, in other times, they are known to hiss like the venomous cobras of India thinking that they can misinform or dissuade or even try to scare the hardened and unscarred intrepid citizenry of Somaliland.

So, I think you now understand why, of all the people, some shadowy characters, detractors, and some cheap UDUB propagandist such as Mr. Mohamud Tani and his likes emerge, from time to time, from their hideouts and haul like hauler monkeys and badmouth Hon. Ahmed Silanyo—the only remaining well rounded, seasoned, and heavy weight politician of an international calibre and a Somali Statesman in all the five Somali Speaking Territories in East Africa and the Horn of Africa regions as well as in the Diasporas.

And to briefly repeat my answer: The Riyaale Administration, UDUB Party, The Guurti whose tenure in office have ended and their mainly UDUB members, and the domestic and foreign enemies of the cause and existence of Somaliland in general are terribly scared of Hon. Ahmed Silanyo and his inevitable ascendancy to power in Somaliland.

Farah Ali Jama,
Ottawa, Canada.

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