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The Foreign Occupation Of Somalia

The Foreign Occupation of Somalia: Dawned on the Hatemonger Websites and their Envy-filled authors.

First and foremost, let me share with my readers and remind the so-called “politicians”, “leaders”, “Traditional Elders”, “Religious leaders”, and the shortsighted “Intellectuals and elites” of the anarchic and failed State of Somalia, these four important English proverbs: a) Empty Vessels make the most noise b) An idle brain is the Devil’s workshop c) Between the devil and the deep blue sea, and d) As you sow, so you shall reap.

To proceed, for the last decade and a half, the intrepid people and the government of the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland, had been directly or indirectly warning and advising the so-called “leaders” and “intellectuals” of the anarchic and failed State of Somalia as follows:

· To forego the illogic and long dead dream of Somaliweyn/Greater Somalia, which is the main contributor of the never ending instability, wars, underdevelopment, and the persistent misery of Somalia.

· To refrain from irredentism, which in essence is the root cause of the existing enmity and alienation of all the Somalis particularly in East Africa and in the Horn of Africa regions.

· To wake up, smell the coffee, see the reality on the ground, and realize that Somaliland cannot be pushed an inch by anyone and it is here to stay, and that the voluntary, ill-advised, illegal, and disastrous Somaliland-Somalia Union in 1960, which was not ratified by the respective legislative assemblies of these countries is not legally binding in accordance to international law therefore it has entirely ceased to exist following the Unity they breached, the genocide they perpetuated, and the sound military defeat they suffered and the sweet victory of the Somali National Movement (SNM), which heroically sealed the reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland in 18 May 1991.

· To mind their own business and maintain good neighbourliness and refrain from disputing or renouncing the just cause, peace, independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and the existence of Somaliland.

· To end their raw tribalism, envy and hatemongering, treachery and traitorous practices, civil wars, lawlessness and savagery, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and their genocidal operations against their own people as well as against others in the region.

· To draw a curtain on their differences from others, tackle their affairs responsibly, and find ways and means to resolve the ongoing political, economic, and social predicament own their own.

· To convene an all inclusive, genuine, and indigenous reconciliation process in their own country in regards to their public and national interests.

· To discontinue the habit of shuttling from one foreign capital or country to the other in search of a shallow political solution and peace made by foreigners that is incompatible with their needs, culture, traditions and customs, and religion.

· To cease the practice of washing their dirty laundry in front of foreigners who clearly have hidden agenda and vested interests in their continued instability, divisiveness, civil war, senseless bloodshed, and anarchy and the complete failure of the State of Somalia.

· To end humiliating the SOMALI RACE or the SOMALIS as a people by degrading their great culture and pride in behaving like savages and serving and stooping too low to their enemies or foreigners.

But, they dismissed our wisdom and invaluable message provided to them in an arrogant and boastful manner, and foolishly continued to follow their old footprints that caused them more misery in the past. And resumed, time and again, their old ways in shuttling to one foreign capital or country to the other and to shamelessly reveal each time their never ending problems, tribal differences, divisiveness, enmity, and sensitive internal affairs in an even more submissive and subservient manner. What a travesty! What a humiliation!

On the other hand, they continued to oppose and badmouth the cause and existence of Somaliland and, on numerous occasions, they have even sent across the porous Somaliland-Somalia border evil terrorists who gunned down a number of foreign expatriate in the peaceful Somaliland. Even though some of these terrorist have escaped back to Somalia after committing these heinous crimes of terrorism, most of them were arrested, tried in a court of law, and are currently serving various jail terms in the country.

Time and again, we warned them to cease provocations, criminal activities, and to abstain from meddling in the internal affairs of Somaliland. In addition, we reminded them that the reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland was not given to us as a present or did not come about cheaply or by chance but, it was achieved with the sweat, tears, and blood of hundreds of thousands of our dear and beloved fallen and living brethren who soundly and militarily defeated the tyrannical and fascist military regime of Dictator Siad Barre whom they fully and wholeheartedly supported to its very demise.

But no amount of logic or goodwill could resonate in their twisted minds, and they are still sowing the seeds of discord and enmity in the Horn of Africa region.

Besides all these, for the last 15 years to-date, a number of hatemonger Somalia websites such as,,,,,, etc; and various other mediocre groups or “organizations” such as the so-called “Southern Somalia for Peace and Unity” (SSPU) and the laughable “Northern Somalis for Peace and Unity” (NSPU)—a shadowy mercenary organization that does not have a constituency and purported to represent a non-existent “unionists” in Somaliland, and their infamous, envy-filled, and shortsighted authors who have constantly waged a campaign to demonize the prominent political leaders of Somaliland such as Hon. Feysal Ali Waraabe, the Chairman of UCID party who is known not to minced words in telling the bitter truth, and others; and they had also been tirelessly spewing tribalism venom, hate propaganda, dissemination of misinformation and falsehoods, plagiarism, concoction of history, attempts to twist known historical facts of Somaliland, and been openly advocating for the demise of the just cause, intrepid people, hard worn independence, peace and security, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and the existence of Somaliland in general! And these culprits reminds me the proverb that: “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

Rather than commenting meaningfully and shape the poor opinion of their embattled and down trodden people, these obsessed, evil possessed and hell-bent shadowy organizations, websites, and their out of step contributors or authors whose writings are usually crammed with some of the most hypocritically disingenuous methods, chose to waste all their energies and precious time in bashing, cursing, and wishing ill the far more superior people of Somaliland with their just cause and deep rooted democracy and their country!

These are literally a bunch of scoundrels, cowards, evil doers, and outright outcasts who have no purpose in life other than to cause problems for others and hate and envy others for no reason and who do not have the slightest idea of the existence of the divine universal system or morals and ethics and who have devilishly set fire on their own homes, people, and nation and shamelessly sending SOS pleas all over the world, and asking others particularly foreigners to come to their aid and help extinguish the senseless fires they ignited themselves and to further solve their self inflicted problems while, busing themselves with the wishful thinking of dismantling the just cause and existence of Somaliland—an evil thinking that has boomeranged on them, time and again. This too reminds me of the proverb: “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.”

Therefore, the questions to be asked here are:

· So what can they do today, which they have not done before?

· What happened to your so-called “intellectual elite” and for their display-like PhD’s that they claim to possess?

· How come that they could foresee the unfolding catastrophe in their own country, Somalia?

· Doesn’t these clearly signify their intellectual bankruptcy?

· What have they gained with your devilish obsession, raw tribalism, envy-filled souls, and hatemongering against the people and the just cause of Somaliland?

· Now, that their stupidity and evil deeds have sadly led to the foreign occupation and possible recolonization of their motherland, Somalia, what the, will they do?

Overall, it is clear that the foreign occupation and possible recolinization of Somalia has dawned on the so-called leaders of “Transitional Federal Government” (TFG)—a euphemism of “Tigre Founded Government” (TFG) as well as their shadowy organizations, intellectuals and elites, hatemonger websites, and their envy-filled authors. And this scenario also fits the proverb that they are: “Between the devil and blue sea.”

We had always advised and warned them in a heartfelt, brotherly, and neighbourly manner to first, put their energies and time to resolve their difficult situation and sufferings of their people before, they could even think of commenting ill or otherwise about the just cause of the intrepid people and their beloved motherland, Somaliland.

But they couldn’t listen. Nevertheless, it has long been said that: “As you sow, so you shall reap.” They will have to blame themselves, and not Somaliland. And let those who understand take heed!

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.

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