Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Swedish gov’t to treat Somaliland as self-governing entity - Decides to allocate dev’t aid proportionally with Somalia

By Eidarus Sheikh Adam

STOCKHOLM, Sweden- The Swedish government issued astatement yesterday March 15, 2007 stating that itwould treat Somaliland as a self-governing area."Somaliland which takes politically a unique position shall be treated for the time being as self-governing area", read the statement.

The statement comes following the Swedish government deciding on 15 february 2007 the guidelines for Swedish development co-operation to Somalia (ref.no UD2007/5267/AF). In which it would allocate 20 million USD for the year 2007. The amount will be increased if the conditions regarding development of building regional and local administrations, which in justice way reflects the society clan mosaic become better.

The guidelines also stipulated that aid to Somalia shall include the whole Somalia with consideration being given to the regional variations which exists when it comes to need, security and the possibility of implementation of the programmes.

Sweden and Italy are together responsible to arrange an international donor conference for Somalia. The time table for the conference, which takes place inRome, depends on the developments in Somalia.

In a related news Dahir Rayaale Kahin, president of Somaliland and returned to Hargeisa from Ghana after taking part in Ghana’s 50th anniversary celebrations in Accra. During the visit the president along with the ministers of foreign affairs and Minister of planning pressed the issue of Somaliland among African heads of state and other officials.

Notable among them included South African president Thabo Mbeki, Ugandan president Yuweri Kaguta Museveni,Botswana’s president Festus Gontebanye Mogae and Tanzanian Vice president Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein.

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