Monday, May 28, 2007

Presidential Monthly Speech

(Waridaad)- Yo my people ,
This is your president Mr.Daahir Riyaale speaking to you from un identified spot.

in the northwestern region of Somaliland.I have decided to address the nation
on a monthly basis through radio Hargeisa .If my message cannot be heard
beyond the city of Hargeisa, please don’t get upset with me but all the blame
lies on the previous Minister of Information.

My monthly address will be a one way message,so I don’t expect or participate
any rebuttal or reply from any body and so should you.The rotten opposition is
spreading rumors that I have started my presidential campaign for the second
term .In fact, I have begun my campaign for the third term (as the wacko Californian put it) the day I realized your naivety.
Some one said ,I think it was me"some people are born to fly and some were born to watch from the side lines,some people are good in engineering good changes, others wait on to ride the changes created by others, while many hate the idea of change".
Some people dream and prag about disruptive changes day and night .I for one,
and I think you agree with me that the course to prosperity and freedom calls for continuity and no change in the top of the pyramid.
Haven’t you heard the wise old man who declared on a broad day light that some people are destined to lead ?

Don’t you agree with the good honest minister who realized long ago the fact that some People are incapable of governing each other and that he will make sure to use all his Capacity to prevent such mistake to happen again.
I would like to add that presidency doesn’t come so easy .One should pay his life for it. I know I am a chosen person .I was chosen among all Somalis to be the president in making in 1997. That should tell you something. I was destined to be president not like some people .No doubt about it .you can even verify this fact with all the respected men of the house of wisdom. Please don’t mix the wisdom house with revolutionary lower house.

Putting this aside, yo my people, I have good news for you .Prosperity is right here on the door, One step away ,don’t be hasty like the famous saying goes .
Yo people ,I have suspended any kind of dialogue with the revolutionary lower house because most of them are terrorists and I am afraid that dialogue with them will hurt our efforts to obtain recognition.

Yo people, I have explained our case to the European and African countries and even Ghana .Theyhave understood our unique situation very well and we expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. I would like to add that all these countries have applauded us and requested from us to continue the path of democracy ,to be vigilant to fight terrorism within ,and to support and hail the anti terrorist adventures undertaken by the friendly neighboring countries.
Yo my people , I promise you that Sool and Sanag will soon be part of this great nation of ours .I have the permission to visit Sool and Sanag when ever I want as my sport minister has just informed me.

Yo my good people, It is time for me to go .I will address the nation next month hopefully when my great body comes back from exhausted months of foreign trip.

May God bless those who tell the truth.

So long me fellow citizens.

Your president


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