Sunday, August 05, 2007

Qaran Political Association's Press Release

(Waridaad) - Sunday, August 5th
Press Release:
Lacking any kind of believable case or evidence against the wrongly imprisoned leadership of Qaran, the administration has postponed their court date for another week. The initial reason given for their detention keeps changing from time to time. Initially it was because they were premature in starting their campaign, when that did not seem to do the job, the notion that they are remnants of the Islamic courts was floated, apparently they are having difficulties selling that notion to anyone either, so the hunt for something that can stick goes on.
The fact of the matter is that they cannot find anything that can survive public scrutiny or sound reasoning, because other than waging an open public campaign to participate in the coming election cycle these men have done nothing wrong. It is remarkable to see the maturity and the restrain shown by the public in the face of a government that seems hell-bent in destroying what we struggled for so long to achieve.
We have good laws in our country, what we lack is a good government willing to implement them, we urge all citizens to stand up and demand that the laws of the country are respected and upheld. No judgment from a kangaroo court is going to resolve this matter, it is time for the judicial system of our country to fulfill its rightful duty and be worthy of the people and the responsibility bestowed on them.
It is time to render the only judgment that can free us all from this nightmare and restore the faith of our people and the international community in our steady progress toward democracy and fundamental citizen rights. It is time to free the leadership of Qaran and allow them to exercise their full rights as citizens of this nation and contribute to the political discourse of the nation.
It is time to choose Democracy over Dictatorship!
Ururka Qaran.

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