Friday, August 03, 2007

Who is Dr. Gaboose?

(Waridaad) - In the summer of 2006, along with my dear mother who suffered from heart problems, after we couldn't make sense out of different Doctors' diagnostics about her condition, as the last ditch, we paid a visit to Dr. Gaboose's clinic in downtown Hargaisa.

For one reason, as exciting as it was for me, finally, I met the famous Doctor Gaboose, a celebrity of our own. My visit to his clinic was far more ecstatic than meeting a Hollywood celebrity in Los Angeles. For another, I was confident that he would prescribe some medicine for my dear mother.

I expected to meet an older man with gray hair and aging skin. Instead, surprisingly, I met very strong man and not a single gray hair or a sing of aging was notable.

I also expected to meet someone who sees himself as an important figure, a politician, Doctor and famous man. Someone who would write a quick prescription for my mother and then get rid of us as soon as possible; someone who perceives his time as far more important than his patience; instead, I was amazed with his humility, patience, gentleness, and soft skills. During our visit, he scrutinized everything we mentioned to him and asked us numerous questions about my mother's health. He didn't seem to rush us out, at all. Not to mention that the fee that he charged his patience was affordable, nothing I ever expected.

In the end, Dr. Gaboose, informed us that my mother's neurological system was fine, and we had nothing to worry about. Relieved, as we prepared to leave, he stood up and shook our hands, and wished us good luck. It was his behavior, kindness and professionalism that imprinted an ever last impression in my mind. The famous Doctor, the celebrity that I have always wanted to shake his hand was incredibly kind to us.
Late in the after noon of that day, I called my friends back in Canada, and with an exciting voice, told them that I finally met the famous Dr. Gaboose, and he was very polite and kind. For my friends too it was too hard to believe that I met Dr.Gaboose.

After I left his clinic, however, there was one question that I pondered about throughout the rest of the day: how was it possible that a man like Dr. Gaboose, kind, educated and important figure in our society lost an election? What does it take to be a leader in Somaliland?

But then recently, I came to learn that his party—Qaran—has been picked up from the back-burner and dusted off to meet new challenges. Although, I don't have any political affiliations with his party and only time will tell whether reviving Qaran may be a good idea, but the burning question is: would his party make a difference? What could he bring to our boring political arena that the other parties: Udub, Ucid and Kulmiye couldn’t? Would he leave yet another lasting impression in the minds of many Somalilanders, the same way that he impressed me?
Undoubtedly, Somaliland needs a charismatic politician with a political mindset; a bonafide leader and far from an inept politician—a leader that perhaps debunks the mystery surrounding our long overdue recognition. Will he be the echoing voice that Somaliland yearns? More important, will Dr. Gaboose be the answer to our quest for recognition?
Meanwhile, muzzling freedom of expression, and arresting Dr. Gaboose would only increase the stakes of Qaran party against Udub. Somaliland government spewed out yet the most palpable propaganda against Qaran party. According to the inept leaders of our government, Qaran poses threat to the stability of Somaliland. Absolutely ludicrous!

Contrary to popular belief, in fact, the government of Somaliland poses far more threat to the stability of our nation than our vowed enemy"Abudullahi Yussuf"posses to Somaliland. The incompetent leaders that run our beloved nation already caused us our independence by abusing human rights, beating reporters, and now arresting politicians. Enough is enough! Free Dr. Gaboose, now.

Dalmar Kaahin,

Ottawa, Canada

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