Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BAAFIN: Calling all Somaliland/UK Scholars 1969-71

(Waridaad) - With the resumption of the diplomatic relations between the then “Somali Republic” and the United Kingdom in 1968 (which were severed on Kenya’s independence in 1963), Prime Minister’s Egal’s Government and the United Kingdom Government established a UK Scholarship programme for the graduates of the then (only) two Somaliland secondary schools of Sheikh and Amoud.

During the three years from 1968, 10 students who graduated from both schools, each year, were selected, on the basis of their London University GCE Examination results, to pursue higher education at colleges/universities in the UK. These scholars arrived in the UK, a year after they left school, during the summers of 1969 to 1971.

Other than those who have passed away (Alla how na xariiste), these Somaliland/UK Scholars 1969-71 are now all specialists in many disciplines in Somaliland and abroad.

This clarion call from some of the scholars (see below) is directed at all the others with a view to renewing contact (initially by e-mail, but also, individually or collectively, by phone). We would like to re-establish contact, across distances, and try to work out ways and means in which we can contribute collectively to the cause of Somaliland.

We are proud to have amongst us a former Vice-President of Somaliland and members of the Somaliland Parliament and this call is to harness the contribution of all of us, and specially those of us living abroad.

If you are one of the Somaliland/UK Scholars 1969-71 or have the contact e-mail (or telephone) of one of the scholars, please contact us, until further notice, at this e-mail: Ibrahim@somalilandlaw.com.

Abdullahi Ahmed Gulaid (Shaikh SS 1968)
Ibrahim Hashi Jama (Amoud SS 1969)
Mohamed Askar (Amoud SS 1970)

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