Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All Lascanooders are winners

(Waridaad) - Finally the exciting news we where hoping for come through the newsfeed early morning. Laaska was finally free. But sadly, one more time, Majertenia ragtag tag militia terrorized my birthplace before fleeing. Two weeks ago, two civilians were killed in the aftermath of their bloody defeat at the hands of Sool freedom fighters and Somaliland national army . Today, Garowe militia bullet sprayed Xaabsade house located in a densely populated area of Lascanood.

My sincere congratulations to the Sool freedom fighters and Somaliland national army. Also to those who kept the hope alive, Fuad Aden Cadde, Ali Sandulle, Dhakool, Baashe…

To my fellow Lascanooders, I would like to say that we are all winners. From now on, our men will not be killed inside Garowe jails and murderers let free. From now on, our natural resources will not be sold out to obscure Aussie companies and the proceeds help build Garowe airport. From now on, taxes will not be collected in Lascanood and devoted to build Bossaso airstrips. From now on, local NGO operating Lascanood will not receive confidential notes telling them not to hire Sool inhabitants. For all the above reasons, we, Lascanooders, are all winners today.

Dear fellow Lascanooders, liberation, no matter how joyful, should not obscure the difficult road ahead. Years of Majertenia occupation have ruined the city and corrupted our soul. For example, Lascanood is the only Somaliland city were people are roaming the streets with guns and differences settle sometimes at gunpoint. Schools are crumbling, hospitals inexistent, once wealthy rural areas vacated. I call on Somaliland government to create a need assessment commission and to follow up with concrete measures. Our youth should have better hopes that serving as foot soldiers to the dictatorial fantasies of Abdillahi Yusuf. The road ahead is long but let’s get started.

Mohamed Sougal

www. soolsomaliland.blogspot.com

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