Friday, October 26, 2007

Governmentally-backed illegal extraordinary general assembly

(Waridaad) - An illegally conducted extraordinary general assembly claiming to represent Somaliland Human Rights Organisations Network (SHURO-net) was conducted on Thursday 24 th October in Ambassador Hotel.

In the illegally conducted general assembly, a government employee was appointed as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the self-proclaimed group, and a recently sacked SHURO employee as the Secretary General. A Government Minister, a Deputy Minister and a Director General from two Ministries, as well as the governmental Human Rights Commission attended and addressed the illegal general assembly.

The self-proclaimed shuro group is working to destroy the reputation of SHURO-net. They have forged the logo of shuro-net, set up a fake email address ( as well as committed offences against SHURO-net constitution and leadership. SHURO-net management team does not recognise the claims by this self-proclaimed shuro group, and has not collaborated with it at any given point.

SHURO-net is an independent, impartial, non profit, non partisan and non governmental organisation that works in the promotion and protection of the Universal ideals of Human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in Somaliland Bill of rights, UDHR and other International Human Rights Instruments.

SHURO-net General Assembly will be conducted in December 2007, as scheduled in its constitution, and as backed by its membership. This upcoming General will count with the participation of SHURO National Coordination Committee (as the Board of Directors is called within the network) as well as the Executive Director and staff. Furthermore, only member organisations will be allowed to attend and vote.

SHURO-net Management team continues to work under SHURO-net's constitution and the legally elected National Coordination Committee. The team is working normal office hours, in the organisation's Head Office, and using its official email address:

Signed by:
Mubarik Ibrahim Aar
SHURO-net Executive Director

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