Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh, Royal, where are you?

(Waridaad) - At some point, George Bush’s friend, “Steve,” will drop the writ and Orléans residents, like people all over Canada, will head to the polls in search of a Member of Parliament.
A Member of Parliament. Isn’t that the person we elect to represent our views on Parliament Hill as the government goes about its business of developing and passing legislation? If memory serves, it’s supposed to be the person who stands up for Orléans, who helps bring jobs to the east end, who contributes in the development of our community and takes the time to meet community leaders to listen to their concerns in order to defend our interests.

I went on to the Parliament of Canada website this morning just to see if we had one of these so-called Members of Parliament. Turns out we do! A fellow by the name of Royal Galipeau. He is a rather stately looking man, not surprising with a name such as Royal. Apparently, we elected him back on January 23, 2006. Although that sounded vaguely familiar, I questioned it because although I have a pretty good memory, I just don’t recall seeing that face around these parts. And I certainly haven’t seen his name in the paper announcing new jobs or some positive contribution for Orléans. (Maybe it would help if he actually lived in Orléans.)

Wait a minute… Isn’t Galipeau the guy who told a reporter that if residents want federal jobs in Orléans they should vote Liberal? The guy who told gay constituents to “clean up your act.” It’s all coming back now. Isn’t he the guy who lost his temper during Question Period and physically accosted another Member of Parliament? Ah, yes. Mr. Galipeau.

Anytime now, Mr. Harper.

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