Wednesday, January 23, 2008 desperate times call for desperate

(Waridaad) - For, after its contributors’ hidden agenda behind their staunch anti-Somaliland attitudes and their nuisance lip services to Somali unity was revealed recently, the editors of the website changed their tactics. They have now republished old anti-Somaliland articles from 1994. As it seems, for, desperate times call for desperate measurers.

Although the article entitled, “Somalia's Last Foreign Minister Warns Somaliland on Secession” published on is an old piece—which really has very little relevance in the current events in Somaliland since so many things have changed—wardheernews hoped that it would be a dagger that thrusts mercilessly into the heart of Somaliland. But one wonders: what is the motive behind wardheernews’s cyber-war against Somaliland? Inadvertently, to wardheernews's great disappointment, in fact, years later, the author himself, Mr. Qaybe not only joined Somaliland but he also became an important politician in the government—the speaker of the Parliament. (See the republished article But oddly enough, republishing Mr. Qaybe's old article is a blessing in disguise for Somaliland.

As one Somalilander named Sarmad Shaykh shrewdly pointed out, “By re-posting an opinion of Mr Qaybe he opined in 1994 Wardheernews is trying to grab anything that seems to it to derail Somaliland’s cause. But, unwittingly, hit itself in the foot.

This article of Mr. Qaybe works to Somaliland’s advantage. How? You see, this shows that die-hard opponents of Somaliland are being won over. If the man who uttered those words in 1994, is today one of the leaders of Somaliland who are campaigning for its cause, what does that tell you about Somaliland? Evidently, this is very revealing. It shows that Somaliland cannot be stopped and that Somalilanders are coming home.” ( But was Mr. Qaybe alone in opposing Somaliland independence in the 90s?

In the 90s, just like Mr. Qaybe, many Northerners—Somaliland society—admittedly including myself were not keen on the idea of Somaliland independence. That is, none of us supported Somaliland blindly because we simply share tribal affiliations with its society. But, evidently, just as time changes so too will one’s political ideologies and affiliations. And like Mr. Qaybe, after weighing of benefits against costs, or advantages against disadvantages of independence, many Somaliland citizens realized years later that our sovereignty is not only legitimate but it is also irreversible.

However, for its opponents no sooner light glows at the end of the tunnel—that is, Somaliland recognition appears on the horizon—than Somaliland phobia kicks in. So, this explains wardheernews.come and its contributors’ unholy “crusade” against Somaliland.

Using (and as launch pad for their malicious smear campaign against Somaliland, the anti-Somaliland groups leave no stones unturned. Their desperation is beyond belief. However, one question remains unanswered: are they really advocating for Somali unity? Undoubtedly, with respect to these groups”, beneath the surface of paying lip services to Somali unity, a new different kettle of fish emerges. The following articles clearly reveal the true motives of these groups. And above all, you may be surprised that despite their claims of campaigning for Somali unity, their own writings give completely a different picture of what they pretend to be. See how the smear campaign against Somaliland of’s contributors such as, Mr. Faisal Roble and the NSPU was revealed. (, and

Furthermore, remember most of these so-called unity groups are one man organization. That is, their efforts to oppose Somaliland’s quest for recognition are futile. They can neither speed up nor slowdown Somaliland’s quest for sovereignty. Then one may arguably ask: if they are so trivial, why waste your breath on them? A fair question! The point of this piece is, however, to show that their efforts to advocate for Somali unity have so far butchered unity itself. Paradoxically, more often than not, those who pretend to campaign for unity, have indeed advocated for anything but unity.

In a nutshell, Mr. Faisal Roble, pro-Ethiopia groups such as the NSPU, (and may spit out a bucket of nails, venom and hate languages towards Somaliland, but one thing remains an indisputable fact: that is, these hate-mongers can neither expedite nor hinder Somaliland’s quest for recognition.

If anything, the only thing that these groups may achieve is putting a wedge between the two Somali societies—Somaliland and Somalia. But the pro-unity groups won’t scores any points for “unity”.

Nor maliciously attacking Somaliland under the false pretenses of accomplishing Somali unity will win the hearts and minds of Somaliland people. To put it another way, the venomous attacks unleashed against Somaliland by the “pro-unity” groups in question, has given the Somaliland people—one more good reason not join Somalia. As Somaliland people have always pointed out, supporting Somali unity is not a crime—it is part of freedom of expression. However, viciously attacking and deliberately undermining Somaliland while at the same time inexorably seeking unity with the North—Somaliland—is hypocritical on pro-unity groups’ part. And it is a counterproductive strategy indeed.

As for the seemingly clan-oriented websites like, the more its editors publish subjective articles rather than objective ones, the less likely that many of its respectful visitors would revisit the site, much less contribute to it. But rest assured wardheernews would become a playground for hate-mongers, propagandists and cyber-militants against Somaliland.

Dalmar Kaahin

Ottawa, Canada

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