Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ahmed Siilaanyo's speech

(Waridaad)-It is a pleasure and joy to welcome you at the 2nd anniversary of KULMIYE convention. At the same time, I am disheartened that many KULMIYE members, activists and distinguished statesmen and women, some overseas and some within the country were unable to attend and participate the convention for various reasons. Rest assured that you are in our hearts and minds even though you are out of sight.

As you are aware, this convention was supposed to be held at an earlier date but due to prolonged negotiations about many issues that confront us as a political party and as a country, we were unable to hold it earlier but while some might have been displeased by the delay, one should take note that the delay has accorded the party an opportunity to welcome many communities who joined the party in droves but if it has caused inconvenience to anyone I say sorry and I take responsibility for the delay......Read more

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