Monday, April 07, 2008

Somaliland Local Government Re-organisation through Presidential Decrees in an Election Year

(Waridaad) - Breaking all records

Ibrahim Hashi Jama

The term “gerrymandering” in American politics was coined after a US State Governor, Elbridge Gerry, created a strangely shaped electoral district in Massachusetts in 1812 with a view to influencing elections. Whilst President Rayale’s 16 decrees issued on 23 March 2008 expressly state that the new 6 regions and the 16 new districts (in addition to the current 6 regions and 41 districts) created in these decrees will not automatically become electoral districts/regions for the forthcoming local district elections, no one can be fooled into believing that the decrees will not have any effect on the forthcoming local elections and the following national presidential elections. These “record”, and, in my view also, law breaking presidential decrees issued only a few weeks before the end of President Rayale’s five year term of office (on 15 May 2008[i]) may well add a new term “Riyaaleynta” to the political lexicon of Somaliland.
[i] Under Article 88(1), the President’s 5 year term starts from the date that he was sworn into office, which was on 16 May 2003........READ MORE

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