Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Extension for Presidential and vice-presidential term

(Waridaad) - Well informed sources in Hargeisa forwarded this translated Guurti document describing the process and the rational that produced the extension of the president's term. The document is signed by acting chairman and first deputy chair of the Guurti Mr Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Nuh Furre, Saeed Jama Ali, 2nd Deputy Chairman, and Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane, Secretary General of the House of Guurti.

Subject: Extension for Presidential and vice-presidential term
The House of Guurti of Somaliland has started their deliberations on 8/04/2008 on constitutional issue concerning to legally and constitutionally reconcile the ending of the government term and the presidential election.
The Guurti, realizing the enormity of the task named a committee of 25 [persons] including the Chairs, members who were mainly Chairs of the subcommittees, other members and legal consultants.Whereas the Guurti realizing the elections not meeting their schedule because of different reasons, the biggest one of which was the disagreement on the creation and approving of NEC, as well as Kulmiye party not naming their rightful candidate for a long time.Likewise, understanding the impossibility of holding elections without voter registration, the members of the [House] underline that the planning for the registration, budget, securing the funding, attaining of modern technical know-how remain were and remain the main reasons the election not meeting their deadline.On the other hand the House believe the impossibility of holding elections without voter registration because of insecurity that might arise to hold elections without knowing and registering those casting their votes.
Therefore, the extension of the President and the Vice-president term was based on these reasons which are in agreement with article 33 Paragraph 5 of the constitution of Somaliland.......Full article

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