Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr. President it is time for you to Resign!

(Waridaad)-Confrontations between demonstrator and the police caused a number of deaths and wounded in Hargeysa today. The disturbance was caused when crowds gathered to watch members of parliament attempting to re-enter the Parliament building after the Somaliland administration closed the building down when a resolution to impeach the president was introduced in the chamber earlier in the week.

Allowing the Parliament to come back to session today came to being after negotiation between the president and the chairman of the Elders (Guurti) Mr. Suleban Mohamud Adan. Apparently the president expected the impeachment proceedings to be tabled now that he has allowed Parliament to come back to session, and the chairman of the Guurti was under the impression that there were no conditions attached to allowing the parliament to come back into session, nor could he negotiate on behalf of the Parliament.

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